Project Schiefspiegler

This project is about making our own telescope. For the first time in many years, there will be a mirror making and telescope making class/group in Denmark.

We are now seven members in our project and the plan is to build 7 telescopes with a special design, called Schiefspiegler. The actually design is the Delmarva Schiefspieglers, a design by Dave Groski.

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First attempt to photograph the surface.

Wes James Schiefspiegler finished, a beautiful telescope.

A very fine Spherometer build and donated by Astro A/S, Aalborg.




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  •  1. Mar. 08: Fourth session, fine grinding is over and now polishing. More click here
  •  18. Feb. 08: Third session, all mirrors are now at grit #900, Sagitta is good. More click here

    Mirrors on the test bench.
  •  19. Jan. 08: Second session, we are now at grit #320. More click here.
  •  09. Jan. 08: Got a Spherometer today that Astro A/S donated to the project.
  •  05. Jan. 08: Lesson #1 Rough grinding, measuring Sagitta etc. more click here
  •  28. dec. 07: Getting tools, containers and etc. more click here
  •  19. Dec. 07: Molding plaster disk for the pitch lap is done. more click here
  •  26. Nov. 07: Materials, blanks, polishing has arrived, after close inspection everything looks fine, more click here
  •  20. Nov. 07: Materials, blanks, polishing is on the way to Denmark from Stathis in Germany.


  •  Polishing the mirrors.
  •  We are now grinding with grit #320.
  •  We have decided on the design
  •  Materials has arrived
  •  Allan is making a workshop in his basement.
  •  Plaster disk molded.
  •  Tools etc. collected.